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saggykneeskin said: Dear Marilyn, are you going to be traveling to Starlight Shores anytime soon? I think you would fit in perfectly among the superstars!

I will certainly visit, that is for sure! But that glitzy town is more about singing and circus stuff. What I really want is to be a movie star and it seems like Bridgeport is the place to be for that! I mean, look at this studio!

It has an entire replica of a Medieval town! Shoot, it has a replica of everything. And the local movie theater here? All I have to say is Wow!

Now that is where I want my first big movie opening!

But I do confess, I am a fickle thing. Who knows, tomorrow I may decide I want to be a magician. I will certainly keep you posted though.

Thanks ever so much for the question Christian. <3 xoxo -MM

Dear Marilyn,

How is your new house in Bridgeport coming along?

Question asked by anon

Honestly, your message gave me the motivation to finish it! Please keep your eyes open today for the photos I plan to share of my completely finished house in Bridgeport!

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mysimsloveaffair asked: 

For Boinky and Pal…you both started out as imaginary friends.  Do you ever miss the kids that once played with you? Do you keep in touch with them?

Well, they do not live in Starlight Shores, they still live back in Twinbrook but we do keep in touch and prompted by your question, we invited them to visit!

Lee, who was Boinky’s “owner” is now an elder and has three grandkids! Bradly, who was Pal’s “owner” grew into a fine adult and is making his way in the world. No wife or kids as of yet.

Getting together was just like old times!

*Note, I had Bradly and Lee living in town with Boinky and Pal until that save got just too big for it’s britches. So I had to move Boinky and Pal into a new save and I left all their adult siblings out just so I could have a playable game. I would have loved to have kept the whole family together though!

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Dear Boinky and Pal,

Do you have a reoccurring maid? If not, how do you manage to keep your house tidy? 

Asked by mkayyyyy

Boinky: We actually do not have a maid but that is a great suggestion. I just cannot keep up with all these kids!


Boinky: Pal, as usual, you are right. So I hired a butler! Bye now, going to get my nails done!

Pal: …..

New Butler: What did I get myself into?!

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For Boinky and Pal…

Who is the decorator at home? and how do you manage to compromise when it comes to that?

submitted by its-andee-baby 

Pal: I can answer this! It is a joint effort. We both work together decorating our homes. We have a brand new, rather large house in Starlight Shores and we have been tirelessly working on making it feel like home.

"Boinky, I approve of the girls room."

"Boinky, I approve of this bed choice."

"Boinky, I approve of the living room. Especially the one painting over the fireplace that you actually let me pick."

Thanks for the question!

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yellowbirdscorner asked

Spock do you belive in higher form of intelligence that control and effect your dailylife like many human sims does?

Spock discovers his plumbob! heh Thanks for the question Yellowbird!

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This is for Billy!

Have you tried bananas yet? Don’t you think a banana sandwich would be a good way to win over Penny’s heart?

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For Boinky and Pal:

throughabendystraw asked:

What are your favorite things and least favorite things about each other?


I LOVE Pal’s powder blue tux. You all think he is wearing it because he is insane. That is partly true yes, but he also knows that nothing tickles my fancy more than his ruffled blue beckoning me towards him. Mmm Mmmm!

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playingpixelgoddess asked:

Hi Spock! Do you have any hobbies?

I do have a number of what you would call “hobbies”. My answer is extensive, so I shall put it beneath the jump here.

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