My first peek at Sims 3 University Life. I was able to download it pretty quickly from Origin this morning and got a quick look before having to travel today.

First, I made a nerd. heh I love the new hair and clothing. Some of my favorite expansion hair and clothing so far. The first group of people he saw included a plant sim! And a girl went right up to him and started making out with him! HELLO! He went to the meet and greet and I noticed he got a frisbee and there was a random soccer ball on the ground outside to play with, fun! He also got his nerdy engineering gear at the meet and greet and started playing around with that instead of meeting people :p

The town is really, really pretty. I think it matches Sunset Valley the most and there is a city off in the distance, that I imagine is Bridgeport. So far…I love everything and I cannot wait to come home and actually be able to play!

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