Pixelpixie’s HQ Mod Tutorial

This tutorial is for PC. There are multiple HQ/HD mods you can use: [SClub HQ Mod patch 1.63] -or- [simsl3gacies HQ & No Glow patch 1.63-1.67]


STEP ONE: You are going to make two new folders on  your desktop. Just right click on your desktop and select “New” from the drop down menu and select folder. 


Name one “My Graphic Rule” and the second one “HQ Graphic Rule”.


STEP TWO: Time to copy YOUR graphicrule file. You need to go to Program Files (x86 -for Windows 7)>Electron Arts>The Sims 3>Game>Bin and find “GraphicRules.sgr. Right click it and select “copy” from the drop down menu.


Now open the folder you just made on your desktop, “My Graphic Rules” and once the folder is open, right click anywhere and select “paste”. This is YOUR backup of YOUR ORIGINAL GraphicRules.sgr


Note the date of it. My in 9/28/2012. Yours may be different, that does not matter, just make note of it.

STEP THREE: Now you are going to download an HQ mod. Pick one of the two linked at the top of this tutorial. Pick only ONE. If it comes zipped and you will need a program to unzip it. I use winRAR. Okay so download and unzip it. It should have one file inside named GraphicRules.sgr. That is what you need.

Open your other new folder on your desktop, the one named HQ Graphic Rule. The picture I have below is the graphic rule file still in winZIP (the window shown in the back), you can copy it from there and then paste it into your HQ Graphic Rule folder (the window shown in front).


Note the date on the downloaded graphicrule file. 1/12/2013. This is how you can tell YOUR original graphicrule file from the HQ graphicrule file.

Always have both theses folders on  your desktop. You are always going to use the copy and paste method from each of these folders to “select” which graphicrule file you will be playing with in your game.

So, your game presently still have your original graphicrule file in it. You never took it out. You simply copied it. Time to replace it with the HQ one, right?

Simply open your HQ Graphic Rule folder on  your desktop, right click on the file, select copy. Now go to Program Files >Electron Arts>The Sims 3>Game>Bin and hit your Control key and the V key on your keyboard. This will paste the HQ version into this folder. You will get a prompt that asks if you want to replace the old file with the new file. Select yes or continue or whatever the prompt is.

You now have the HQ “mod” in place! Clear your cache and start up your game. You should notice a difference, even if it is slight. You can read more about that Maraisawesome’s tutorial about the HQ mod here.

When you are finished with the HQ “mod” and want to go back to your original graphicrules file, simple open your “My Graphic Rule” folder from your desktop, right click on the graphicrules file and select copy. Go to Program Files >Electron Arts>The Sims 3>Game>Bin and hit Control and V and replace the HQ file with your file. Easy right?  

You can go back and forth this way easily, without worrying about losing your original and mixing up which one you have in at the time, because you always have BOTH saved on your desktop.

Example before and after shoots in my game.

Now, the question is, can you keep the HQ mod in all the time, for regular gameplay? Some people do, some people don’t. I personally do not because it does work your hardware a little harder than without it. Maybe you have the top of the line system with liquid cooling. If your want to, go ahead and keep it in. But if you are like me, with an average gaming computer, use it for taking pretty screenshots but put your original graphicrules file back in for gaming sessions. :)

Below are some examples of my computer temperature while playing Sims 3 with the HQ mod and without the HQ mod. So I leave it up to you to decide what you think is best for your system. 

CPU and Video card temps before running Sims 3:


CPU and Video card temps after running Sims 3 30 minutes without HQ mod:


CPU and Video card temps after running Sims 3 20 minutes with the HQ Mod


I hope you all found this useful, if not a little long winded, as always! I honestly do not know much more beyond this but I did want to help those who wondered about the HQ mod and wanted to share the way I handle using it with you all. :)

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