imagemerlynanne replied to your photo: Sam: Ma’am are you okay? You look ill. Lady:…

Hi, don’t suppose you have the updated Sam sim available for download? Ta muchly

I am actually using this Sam right now. I love ‘em! 


She also has a pretty nice Dean there as well. Though in my game I am using my Dean from here. :)


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    THAT’S SAM AND DEAN. IN SIMS 3 FORM. LOOK AT THEM. I JUST. WAT. Guise. Should I put them in my game? Originally, I had...
  2. nadzicle said: I had the first sam and dean you link to, but Dean makes TERRIBLE female children, like holy balls. He isn’t quite right, whereas Sam look awesome. I prefer your Dean and their Sam. XD
  3. merlynanne said: I am collecting a harem of Deans at the moment and shall no doubt have a fiddle on with them in CAS before unleashing on my game.
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