Supernatural Sims for Sims Supernatural

A follower gift by Pixelpixies

You all ready for Sims 3 Supernatural? You ready to have some Supernatural Sims in Sims Supernatural? Heheee I am!

As a small thank you to all my followers, I present to you this lil’ gift. Conveniently packaged and zipped together in one file for easy download.

Castiel and Sam are not included in this download because they are not made by me. Castiel is by Majica (I edited him quite a bit but cannot share him as he is not 100% by me) and Sam is by Yaprava, yum! Go get ‘em! BUT, included in my download is a list of the CC I used on each one to get them to look as pictured.

Dean Winchester I made and have available at Sims for Sale here where you can view all his custom content requirements but he is also included in this download file.

Also included in my download are my versions Bobby Singer and Ruby.

Bobby’s custom content:

Non-default Skin | Shirt: Sims 3 Pets | Pants: Late Night | Hat | Sliders: 123456 & 7

Ruby’s custom content:

Hair | Eyebrows | Non-default Skin | Eye-shadow | Eyelashes | Lips (rosy) | Sliders: 123456 & 7

Sims are pictured here in Singer Salvage Yard by KylieS21. And don’t forget Dean’s Impala! You can see my Supernatural Sims in action hereCredit to klauseconfessions for Lucifer and Ruby 2 sims.

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. :)

Download Pixelpixies Supernatural Sims

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