Hello there and welcome to my simblr. For my old followers, thanks for sticking with me. For my new followers, HI! And Welcome!

A few things to know about me is that I generally only follow other sim blogs. And by sim blog I mean, you post 95% of the time about the wonderful game of The Sims and most of your posts are original (ie: not reblogs).

If you are looking for a follow back and you are not a sim blog, check out my other tumblr, Lara Celia is Nerdy, it’s kinda my little online scrapbook where I post mostly gaming stuff, with whatever else I want thrown in. If you like it, follow me there and I will more than likely follow you back there.

Okay, so what else do I have to offer my followers? The best place to start is my Site Directory-Tags page. Want to know a little more about me? Check out my About Me page. Looking for some cool Custom Content? Check out my Sims 3 CC Finds or my Free Custom Content Links Page. Looking for pretty screenshots, click here. Looking for my Sims 3 Store Hair catalog? Here ya go. Need help? Here are some guides and my FAQ. Want to follow my sims and their antics? Follow my story and comic links!

I have two sister sites as well. All dedicated to Sims. You can find all my downloadable sims at Sims for Sale. And if you are having game issues, you can ask at SimsFAQ, where a group of authors will do their best to find solutions for you.

Thank you once again for keeping me company and sharing my love and enthusiasm for this wonderful and sometimes frustrating game. 

Keep on simmin’!

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